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Google May Enter the Browser Wars!-----Yes, the Greatest Search Engine on Earth has not only released its Gmail email service, but now it may develop and market a "Gbrowser" software to compete with IE and Firefox and Opera. If this happens, Gbrowser will be based on Mozilla's open-source code. Read more here.****New Course: Introduction to Web Typography-----Web typography is accessible to everyone. If you've ever built or designed a web page, you've almost definitely turned your hand to web typography of some sort. As a discipline, typography has been practiced for hundreds of years, and as a result there are many lessons and conventions we can learn from.

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Web Development

Application Migration and Porting

With global competition in software industry has been increasingly becoming intense, companies areunder tremendous pressures to retain or increase their customer acquisition. To retain their confidence and win their accolades, you might be forced to provide software in all available platforms and in allevolving technologies including your customer-preferred platform. It is exactly the point where i want to step in.

My Migration and Porting strategy addresses situation such as this more effectively. My experts who have an in-depth knowledge in multiple latest platforms and environments can collectively work to help you migrate your software products to the latest GUI, databases, or data servers and then port it tomeet the demand of newer platforms and technology. Besides increasing your customer-acquisition, ourstrategy helps reduce your high costs of maintaining in-house staff.

Application Reengineering and Enhancement

Your ageing/legacy applications can prove to be a drain on your resources and might reduce your competitive edge. I carry out reverse engineering of existing systems so as to understand their business functionalities and technical architecture.

I have a proven methodology with which our experts can quickly and effectively reengineer your ageing/legacy systems and upgrade them to the latest technologies such as VB.Net/PHP, while retaining the old functionalities or making possible enhancements. Besides enhancing value of your system, my reengineering and enhancement strategy will make your system respond positively to the evolving business trends.

Application Audit and Testing

As each stage of the SDLC is reached, my auditors review various aspects including internal controls, testing, and audit trails that are included in the application. Incorporating internal controls within acompleted application already in production is usually more difficult and expensive.

This process is ideally involved in independent auditing of the software and Web application testing including code reviews, verifications of functionality-to-requirements, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing.

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