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Google May Enter the Browser Wars!-----Yes, the Greatest Search Engine on Earth has not only released its Gmail email service, but now it may develop and market a "Gbrowser" software to compete with IE and Firefox and Opera. If this happens, Gbrowser will be based on Mozilla's open-source code. Read more here.****New Course: Introduction to Web Typography-----Web typography is accessible to everyone. If you've ever built or designed a web page, you've almost definitely turned your hand to web typography of some sort. As a discipline, typography has been practiced for hundreds of years, and as a result there are many lessons and conventions we can learn from.

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In today’s world you see numerous shapes and signs in the form of a logo. To make sure your business logo doesn’t get lost in the clutter it has to be unique and one of its kind. They know that a successful logo is more than fancy colors and graphic design and that the whole business image is dependent on a logo.

While Logo Design is not a tangible part of the business or their actual product that is on a shelf, it IS one of the reasons that people choose a product three times more often when considering one from the other. Proper and competent branding begins with a well conceived properly designed logo which evokes a positive “trust-value” message and the core vision of your company into reality.

Effective logo designs create an aura of trust, credibility and professionalism for their owners. On the other hand, a poorly developed logo design can single-handedly ruin a company's sales and marketing efforts. We at Logo Design Next make sure that you get a logotype which properly conveys your vision to your customers.

And saved in image file such as jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp and you are facing many problems regarding your logo, when you come to use it for commercial use such as printers & publishers, your logo will lose the sharpness and it will appear blurred and fuzzy. A logo appears on the every sales tools of a brand or company, so it is necessary to solve this problem. Your Logo will be perfect by converting it to a vector image. A vector drawn logo image can be scaled up to any size without any loss in quality and it can be used as perfect logo. Now, your logo is ready for printing, digital embroidering, label making and just about anything else you can think of.

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