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Google May Enter the Browser Wars!-----Yes, the Greatest Search Engine on Earth has not only released its Gmail email service, but now it may develop and market a "Gbrowser" software to compete with IE and Firefox and Opera. If this happens, Gbrowser will be based on Mozilla's open-source code. Read more here.****New Course: Introduction to Web Typography-----Web typography is accessible to everyone. If you've ever built or designed a web page, you've almost definitely turned your hand to web typography of some sort. As a discipline, typography has been practiced for hundreds of years, and as a result there are many lessons and conventions we can learn from.

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Chakree.in is a dedicated customer service driven freelancer. I believe that every client deserves the very best in communication and satisfaction. Being a small business i understand that one on one attention is required for web design services. Every client has unique and specific needs. I specialize in projects that combine beautiful interactive design with intelligent technology.

  • Website design, Update and redesign
  • Flash websites, Animations & Presentations, Intros
  • Brochure Design, Logo Design, Banners (jpeg, gif, flash)
  • Flash with ASP, PHP, MS-ACCESS, MS-SQL
  • Personal Homepages and websites
  • Banner Ad Designs, Brochures
  • Database driven websites, Website Maintenance
  • Search engine optimization, Keyword analysis, On-Page Optimization
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