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Google May Enter the Browser Wars!-----Yes, the Greatest Search Engine on Earth has not only released its Gmail email service, but now it may develop and market a "Gbrowser" software to compete with IE and Firefox and Opera. If this happens, Gbrowser will be based on Mozilla's open-source code. Read more here.****New Course: Introduction to Web Typography-----Web typography is accessible to everyone. If you've ever built or designed a web page, you've almost definitely turned your hand to web typography of some sort. As a discipline, typography has been practiced for hundreds of years, and as a result there are many lessons and conventions we can learn from.

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I am Narendra mostly called as naresh, bujji. I was born in Aug,12 and Iam from India.

Obtained B.Sc from Kakatiya University in 1996., A.P.

I am working as a web designer for 6 years in Hyderabad.

I have 9 years expereience in the IT industry.

My hobbies are: Reading, Net-surfing, Listening to classical music & art.

I was always a very shy little boy. I always like to wear blue colour shirts.

Iam Slim,Simple,Sensitive.I Strongly beleive in relations. According to me Relation mean 2 be unselfishness, caringness,trust towards the priori.

I believe in Truth, Sincerity, Honesty, Loyalty and helping people in need Three things that I cannot tolerate : Inefficiency, Indifference and Insult.

I Visited Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore.

Favorite Food : Mushrooms

Favorite Dessert : warm browine with chocolate ice cream....yummy!

Favorite colors : blue & orange

FavoriteMovies : Missamma,Chirunavvutho, Santosham, The MotherTeresa

Favorite Actors : Nagarjuna,Ameerkhan

Favorite Actresses : Savitri,Kajol

Height : 5.10

Weight : 64

Eyes : dark Black

Status : Married


freelance web designer

One's story either starts or ends with marriage.....

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